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Removed from table

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Posted 2023-November-19, 10:10

I get removed from table and I don't understand why. I am playing fast . I was making my bids. I was in the middle of a good game in which I was making the bid. I get removed by the host. And it was my partner. No explanation. I want to know why so I can correct if I'm doing something wrong

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Posted 2023-November-23, 19:24

Hosts may remove a player from their table at any time, without warning or justification.
Perhaps the host misclicked.
Perhaps the host's friends came online and they don't have the manners to explain that to you before booting you.
Perhaps you were playing too well.
Perhaps the host thought you and your partner were communicating.
& so on.

The only answer is to play with friends.
"And no matter what methods you play, it is essential, for anyone aspiring to learn to be a good player, to learn the importance of bidding shape properly." MikeH
(still learning)

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Posted 2023-November-24, 13:27

View Postjillybean, on 2023-November-23, 19:24, said:

The only answer is to play with friends.

Which is a tall order.
Or to convince BBO to change the rules for hosts (good luck, many of us have tried).
Or to find a competitor that has different rules.
Or to decide that you are always host.
Or to give up on the idea of playing at tables and find some tournament format that suits you...
and then after a few price-hikes start from the top of the list again.

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