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With due respect to the victims

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Posted 2023-May-08, 01:35

Apparently we have another media (and other interests) attempt to tarnish people who have experienced mental illness as violent

Fortunately there are people with more accreditation (not necessarily knowledge) than me who feel the same way

Some of us do get heartily sick of it all (and the carnage of so many innocents), especially when there is so much ignorance (and possible conspiracy - did I say that) on the matter and attempts to cover so many dimensions up - who knows who the interests are behind it all?

So who are they all? Why the need to silence truth so often?

Another community hurt, many more innocent victims. Much more grist to so many people's mill. So much so they would likely attack me for politicising the matter

Why are so many apparently complicit in silencing open and honest discussion on the matter

But I will nail my colours to the mast. Guns do not kill and mental illness does not kill, what else doesn't kill. Psychosis. Being a loner. Taking medications. AI. Robots - unless designed to do so with a bug etc

I forgot. How about extremist politics. Maybe there are some who go a bit too far in the obnoxious desire to cause trouble and pain and conflict and ignorance

Before someone jumps on me. This is for the victims

Do the people really think all the perps of such terrorist (style) atrocities around the world are off-their heads losers

With all due respect to yet more victims (killed, irreparably harmed, traumatised etc) I just am seeing yet one more disgusting meaningless handwringing exercise from that side of the pacific. All useful for some though

You can accuse some of us of conspiracy theories. Would you say that to a detective looking at people's interests and motives. Follow the money maybe - that's one common approach. Other's too. Common MO. All kinds of detective stuff that lead to some of us being labelled conspiracy theorists. Who benefits from terror and fear and ignorance etc Look at all the possible interests and motives. Some of us find it hard not to try to make links. The way some extremist stuff seems able to be turned on and off like a tap. And these are all unpredictable lone wolf mentally deranged losers we are talking about - apparently. Any competent and dare I say intelligent investigator looks at who stands to gain from the constant and repeated narrative. Also I think after almost a lifetime (in my case) of this rubbish none of those wringing their hands have any credence left. Here I may start to sound totally crazy to some. Maybe its just an emergent property of complex systems. Maybe its also highly intended and planned that some places need to be this extreme and constantly violent and unjust. I think I can confidently speak for most of the world (including the USA) that some of us keep scratching our heads

But (with due respect and apology to those cruelly hurt) some of us have so much knowledge (if not certification) of the corruption of certain interest groups that we have no doubt why some narratives (and even events) keep happening. People like me also run serious risk of various argument fallacies being used against us. Simply for expressing our concerns. Even having to mention certification or lack of is an argument fallacy is it not? Many who would have a go over such matters at expertise would/should know that often what constitutes evidence is based on very flimsy effect sizes (and confidence) indeed. If they don't I can question their competence. Some of us also believe in freedom and all it entails too though - does it not require accurate information to function correctly. Some get in the way of information. The eternal contradiction

Apologies for being triggered people - maybe not by what you think - but maybe that is the intent of some

And maybe it is their interests to keep the world obsessing and talking about another excess in one small part of the world - while the rest of the world suffers extremes every day

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Posted 2023-May-08, 03:25

Shouldn't this belong to the "watercooler" section?

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Posted 2023-May-09, 15:45

There is so much ignorance (and possible conspiracy) within your OP, I would barely know where to start. I might humbly suggest you first educate yourself about the subject matter you are covering to allow for a serious debate to follow.

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