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Wide NT range?

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Posted 2022-February-16, 07:25

Playing Matchpoint, a non-vulnerable 1NT bid going down 1 is usually a top board. Playing precision, with favorable colors and if bidding went P-P-to me, I would open 1NT with 8-15 with some success. My LHO opponent often would be frustrated and make his bid (or occasionally complain to the director). Partner and I couldn't use any 'escapes' but bidding naturally could try and find out 7+ card fit or just play it at 1NT doubled. Vast majority of times, my LHO bid.

I'm not sure if this was 'good' bridge, but it worked most of the time in club games, but I wouldn't recommend the approach with IMP scoring

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Posted 2022-February-16, 08:24

It's best if responder knows immediately whether we should be in game or not:
- some hand types may not be able to invite at all (other than by bidding 2NT with a hand that probably doesn't want to play notrumps)
- after interference, even more hand types can't invite
- 2NT is not a great contract to play, especially if we have less than 23 points together

But of course, there are advantages of a wider range. It is quite possible that the narrow range is just something that has become standard and nobody has the imagination to challenge it.

Pairs who play baby NT in first seat nonvulnerable, often play a wider range, say 9-12.

If you want to play a wide range you should emphasize invitational hands more in your NT structure. For example, you could play Stayman as always constructive and the 2-level responses to Stayman as showing a minimum, then we can often stop below 2NT.
This whole 'my partner paused so now I must trash the hand' attitude never worked for me --- DavidKok

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