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A couple of queries...

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Posted 2021-October-24, 08:47

A couple of queries re situations that arose recently on a Virtual Club.

1) A TD reported that a player claimed that a Pass was bid by 'the system' and not by the player!
My initial reaction was one of sceptism and that the player had perhaps unconsciously bid Pass in response to partner's opening 1D bid without being aware of it. The player had not requested an UNDO and only summoned the TD when the opening lead was made. The non-offending side agreed to the the TD's suggestion to 'average' the board.

Are there any known instances of BBO making a bid for a player (other than a Robot)?

2) On another occasion a player lost his connection at the start of a hand and was subbed by a Robot which then proceeded to bid the hand. For some reason, the disconnected player was re-seated at the start of the play whereupon an opponent remarked that the disconnected player had been included on his list of kibitzers during the bidding and would therefore be familiar with all 4 hands and thus have a significant benefit as to how to approach the play. This situation duly got out of hand and eventually the previously disconnected player was removed from the tournament. The TD was relatively inexperienced.

My initial reaction, shared by a National TD, was that BBO probably showed the disconnected player as a kibitzer when he logged back in to BBO, BUT before he was re-seated. But I felt that even though listed as a kibitzer while waiting to be re-seated that he may not have been able to see the hand currently in play. The disconnected player said that he had not seen any of the hands prior to being re-seated. I think I would simply have averaged the board and let the disconnected player resume his place at the table for the rest of the competition. I'm also curious as to how the disconnected player was 'automatically' re-seated before the play started. The TD says that he didn't re-seat him. My understanding is that a player is usually automatically re-seated upon conclusion of the current hand. But I am aware that there is an option for a TD to immediately re-seat a player, even during the play of a hand.

Any thoughts re the above are greatly welcomed and much appreciated.

Paul J Scannell

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Posted 2021-October-27, 18:57

IMO leaping to an artificial adjusted score (ArtAS) in these situations, while it may make things easier for the TD, is not the right way to deal with them. If it was we could eliminate the human element and just have the software automatically award an ArtAS whenever there's a problem.
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