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4H= Devise a cunning plan.

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Posted 2021-August-22, 16:40

Played by 15 others the best result was 4H-1 for +2.7 IMPs
West ignores its lead-reminding bid and leads the T.
One of the few leads that allows this contract to make.
What's your plan?
I was very close, but ...

The full hand as played by me.

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Posted 2021-August-22, 18:15

As for me, I would assume west has at least 2 clubs as he probably would have led a singleton. I can always get back to dummy with a club ruff so no hurry to play diamonds. The question is his red suit lengths. Trick 2 I lead a club. I won’t play on diamonds until I ruff the second club.

My basic plan is to establish clubs then try to avoid 3 heart losers.

PS: I might add it takes Qx or Qxx on my left to establish clubs. If rho plays low I play the king, ruff a club, then return to hand with a heart to ruff another club If rho rises, I will take the same approach if he plays a club back. If a heart is retuned, I play ace and ruff a club, then pitch both remaining spades on diamonds, ruff a diamond to hand.
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Posted 2021-August-22, 18:35

great hand pilowsky. thank you for posting. I tried a few lines and then looked at spoiler. went down also 4-1. if west leads down from trick 1. one for bridge master level 5

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Posted 2021-August-22, 20:34

Beautiful hand :) defeated me :(

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