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Identifying Squeezes, part 2 Defects in "entry"

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Posted 2016-January-15, 19:22

The second "chapter" or "lesson" in squeezes is now posted in the BBO Store (all movies in the store are "free").. The Movie is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B so you can watch half of it, take a break and then watch the second half.

The first half is the theory and description of the various squeezes that correct for "defects" in entry conditions in BLUE, along with two quiz hands.

What is covered in this "lesson" is methods to covers squeeze positions where the hand opposite the squeeze card lacks an entry in EITHER THREAT suit, or there is no secondary entry when one is needed to the hand with the squeeze card..

The remedies for this defect covered in this chapter are:

  • Guard Squeezes,
  • Entry-Shifting Trump Squeeze,
  • Clash Squeeze, and
  • Trump Clash Squeeze.
The assumption is that the viewer of these movies will be familiar with the material covered in Lesson 1 on Simple squeezes.

The second part (B) contains 7 quiz hands (quizzes 3=10) that deal with the squeezes covered in Part A.

Significant Links in the squeeze series:

LESSON 1. Simple Squeezes, including automatic squeeze, criss-cross squeeze, positional squeeze, trump squeeze

Identifying squeezes, Lesson 1, part A, simple squeezes Theory of BLUE, automatic simple squeeze, criss cross squeeze, positional squeeze, trump squeeze

Identifying Squeezes, Lesson 1, part B Quizes 1-5

Identifying Squeezes, Lesson 1, part C Quizes 6-10'

LESSON 2. Squeezes that compensate for lack of entries in either threat suit in an otherwise simple squeeze position.

The second "chapter"

Identifying squeezes, lesson 2, part A Defects in "Entry" guard squeezes, entry-shifting trump squeeze, clash squeeze, quizzes 1-2

Identifying squeezes, Lesson 2, part B, Defects in Entry Quizes 3-10


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